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Hazel Dent company

Name Hazel Dent company
Phone 1 00963332243775
Boss Mobile 00963935996133
Section Medical stuff
Adress Syria - Hama

 Hazel Dent company

Aalves page: ASLIE DENT

All products protechno Spanish company, with European quality and award-German franchise and licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Syrian Arab Republic and subject to all health tests:

-jbs Green (for Zircon ultra softness and Alambrs)

- Gypsum Yellow (Beslapth features and smoothness unlike types available in the market)

- Gypsum Zuhri (used for structural examples and the advantage of ultra-high hardness and softness).

-mshouk Casey for crowns and bridges

-mshouk Casey for crowns and bridges fast and Alambrs (super-soft)

-mshouk Casey structural devices

-hmoa Appliances restructuring (waxy sheets - Wax Relief - saddle upper and lower)

-him Row -ohtad red waxy different sizes (blue - green) -him immersion

-akrl Hot - cool (to outweighing Balokrl content in the markets, has been tested by
Labs and the Syrian Ministry of Health and given the degree of concession to allow the land to sell in the Syrian Arab Republic).

- Metal crowns and bridges (free of beryllium).

- Metal structural devices.

- Remover tension - means the displacement -awhit Hispanic -aazl silicate

- Sand (250 -110-50 rubber)

- Tablets pruning of the metal and porcelain - brushes and polishing of acrylic and metal.

Available exclusive agent in the Syrian Arab Republic:

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