Discover the benefits of the purest salt on Earth

Discover the benefits of the purest salt on Earth
Salt is part of our lives, due to the importance of salt, which consists of sodium and chloride, in maintaining fluid balance in the body and regulating blood pressure. However, excessive consumption may have health effects as a result of intense bleaching, and its exposure to refining, which removes most of its nutritional value. This made many people search for better alternatives such as Himalayan salt.
What is Himalayan salt?
Himalayan salt, or what is known as pink salt, consists of natural sediments extracted from the foothills of the Himalayas, and the Punjab region of Pakistan.
Pink salt is a rich source of iodine, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It is made of opaque blocks and has a pure taste.
The attractive pink color is due to the presence of iron oxide. It is called the purest species on earth, because it is extracted and washed manually as it is natural and is not treated.
Himalayan salt uses
It is used in cooking.
It can be broken down on food.
It can be added to sweets and baking ingredients.
It is used in some treatments.
Some use it as an alternative to bath salts.
Benefits of Himalayan Salt
1- Improve digestion
The Himalayan rock salt helps activate the salivary glands that release the amylase enzyme, which helps to digest carbohydrates. It also stimulates hydrochloric acid, which helps to digest protein.
2- Expel toxins
Sole water is used to balance pH levels, withdraw toxins from cells, and maintain body moisture.
How to use:
Himalayan salt is added in a glass jar until it reaches a quarter of it.
Then fill the rest of the jar with water.
Leave for approximately 12 to 24 hours.
If the salt is completely melted, add more salt so that it does not dissolve, to ensure that the water is completely saturated.
Get a teaspoon of this mixture (5 ml).
Then it is added to a cup of water of normal temperature (240 ml).
Now eat a cup, to promote digestion, improve sleep, and prevent muscle spasms.
However, there are as yet no documented scientific studies that have tested the effects of this method through scientific research.
3- Promote the respiratory system
Pink Himalayan Salt is used to treat respiratory problems by inhaling it.
Using a dedicated device or bowl filled with warm salt water.
Or by sitting in a room full of salt-rich air.
Its antibacterial properties clean the sinuses, lungs, treatment of seasonal allergies and chest congestion.
4- Hormonal balance
Taking a daily dose of Himalayan salt can help in the proper flow of fluids in the body, which leads to a good balance between minerals and hormones. Which in turn can improve insulin sensitivity, and prevent the sudden rise in sugar in the blood.
5- Skin health
A warm Himalayan salt bath solution helps maintain healthy skin and muscles, as it works to:
Acne Treatment.
Maintaining smooth skin.
Promote tissue health.
Calm muscles.
As the body absorbs the different minerals contained in this type of salts, which works to renew the skin, and restore a sense of vigor and vitality.
Cautions when using
Iodine: The Himalayan salt contains less iodine than iodized table salt, so those who suffer from iodine deficiency may need to use other iodine sources besides pink salt such as eating fish, dairy products, and eggs.
Sodium: Despite the importance of sodium for the body, it is not recommended to take excessive amounts that exceed the recommended amount for any of the salts, including pink salt. Especially for people with liver, kidney or heart problems.
Despite the multiple benefits and uses of Himalayan salt, more scientific studies are still needed to document its various benefits in scientific research.

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