How to get rid of stomach gases with herbs

How to get rid of stomach gases with herbs
Stomach gases
Flatulence is a group of intestinal or gastric gases that accumulate in the digestive system, to be released from the anus and these gases have a sound or unpleasant odor, and gases occur in the abdomen at a rate that may reach 14 times a day, which is a natural rate not to be worried .
Causes of flatulence
What many people overlook is that abdominal gases occur naturally without feeling them, but when persistent abdominal gases occur, it is often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, and gases generally occur as a result of swallowing air while talking or while eating different types of food, It may happen as a result of a number of other factors, most notably:
The body's inability to digest certain foods.
The body's sensitivity to certain foods, such as lactose intolerance.
Eat gum.
Do smoking.
Infection with some diseases of the digestive system, such as irritable bowel, stomach ulcers, and bowel obstruction.
Getting rid of stomach gases with herbs
Herbs are considered the fastest solution for many people to resort to in the event of gases, due to their availability and the great impact that appears immediately. Follow us to get to know the most famous of these gases:
Boiled mint helps reduce some of the symptoms of irritable bowel, such as flatulence, and caution should be used when using it because it may cause heartburn in some people, and it can be taken as much as a cup before each meal to get the best results.
Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea can help alleviate dyspepsia problems, gases, and bloating, and you can eat 1 cup per meal or at bedtime.
Clove is one of the famous herbs used in the Arab kitchen, and clove oil helps to reduce swells and gases by producing several enzymes for the digestion process, and it can be used by adding two to five drops of it to a cup of water, and it is taken after each meal.
Anise works to calm the digestive system, relieve gas and helps digestion, but care must be taken when using it as it is a natural laxative.
Other herbs for pain relief
Eating some other herbs can help alleviate:
Ginger, a boiled ginger drink is one of the best drinks that may help reduce gas and help you feel comfortable.
Fennel, which is one of the drinks useful in reducing gases.
Cinnamon, as cinnamon is one of the most effective drinks in treating gases.
Apple cider vinegar, and half a tablespoon of water can be added to relieve gas.

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