Minoxidil hair loss treatment

Minoxidil hair loss treatment
Minoxidil is a drug for the treatment of hair loss and is marketed under various brand names, and it provides an external solution for men and women who want to stop hair loss and even new hair growth. How does minoxidil work and how effective is it?
 Minoxidil was originally used as the basis for a vasodilator drug that was used by people with high blood pressure. With the use of the medicine, I began to report complaints about side effects of excess hair growth, although the medicine is taken orally. The drug company Abjun started with intensive studies at the end of which a solution was produced for the treatment of hair loss for the treatment of local alopecia for the first time in the early eighties of the last century. Today the minoxidil solution is marketed under the names Rogaine, Regen and Minoxi. (More about a recipe for hair loss!)
Minoxidil is marketed in a 2% solution for use for men and women and as a more 5% solution for men only. These products, which are applied to the dry scalp twice daily, expand the blood vessels in the area of ​​hair follicles and thus stimulate hair follicles and encourage the growth or intensification of existing hair. This solution can be bought without a prescription. The popularity of minoxidil preparations of all kinds lies in the fact that the treatment is external and relatively inexpensive, and does not require taking medications, is easy to use and has few side effects, if any.
 Pros and Cons
 Without mentioning the possibility of performing hair transplantation, the two common treatments in the world today for treating hair loss and the problem of baldness in males are various minoxidil preparations and propecia medication. Propecia is an oral medication that affects male hormone secretion, testosterone, preventing it from causing hair follicles to shrink and baldness to occur.
Many men who want to use baldness remedy are confused. Which treatment do they choose? Propecia pills give a higher success rate than minoxidil, but their use is sometimes accompanied by various side effects. Treatment of propecia is also relatively expensive compared to minoxidil and the simplicity of using minoxidil as a preparation for external use leads many to start this drug, and in the event that this is not satisfactory, they move to use propsaia or combine the two. The fact that Propecia also requires a prescription causes men to start first with minoxidil.
 What results can be expected?
 Treating minoxidil requires patience and perseverance. These are the two most important factors for successful treatment. The process of hair loss takes a long time, so the possibility of stopping it or even reversing it also takes a long time.
Doctors recommend the use of minoxidil only for men who are subjected to baldness in the early stages and within a period not exceeding 5 years from the beginning of the procedure. The sooner we treat baldness, the higher the success rate.
Month 1-2: In the first period of treatment, hair loss usually increases. Don't worry, this is actually a sign that the treatment is working. At this stage the hair follicle growth cycle is shortened and leads to light to moderate hair loss, and at a later time, the place of hair that falls out will grow new hair, more dense and stronger.
 Month 3-9: This is the period when we can see the initial results, if the treatment is successful, thicker hair can be seen and even new hair where it is thin and relatively light color. Over time, these hairs become thicker and darker.
Again, this is a matter of perseverance, patience and variables related to the interaction between the drug and hair follicles. During this period of time it is not recommended to expect very satisfactory results and to decide whether the treatment is successful or not.
A year after the start of treatment: This is actually the end of the probation period for the treatment of minoxidil. You may get satisfying results, thicker hair and even new hair. The product can also affect your body less and this is the time to stop treatment, go to other treatments or surrender to the natural process of baldness.
 Success rates
Several studies have been conducted on the success rates of minoxidil preparations worldwide, all indicating 30% -40% success and satisfaction on average, among different patients, men and women. We cannot ignore the success rates of the competing treatment, propecia pills with a satisfaction rate of 83% -65% among the patients, but with side effects at significantly higher rates.
How long does this hair loss treatment last?
 The results vary from person to person but in any case, after stopping the use of minoxidil resuming baldness and hair follicles is expected to shrink again and renew the process of hair loss within several months after stopping treatment. Here, in fact, the problem lies in the variety of internal and external treatments for baldness.
Possible side effects
 Possible side effects from hair loss treatment: Minoxidil preparations are very few and in most cases they do not appear at all. However, it is very important not to exceed the daily dose of treatment so as not to increase the possibility of side effects. Possible side effects are:
 Scalp irritation
 Redness of the scalp
 Mild exfoliation on the scalp
 New hair appears in the area of ​​the eyebrows and forehead
 Minor swelling in the face area (rare)

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