Olive leaf is another healthy treasure from olive trees

Olive leaf is another healthy treasure from olive trees
Although olives are famous for their delicious oil and delicious fruits, the uses and benefits of the olive tree do not stop at their fruits alone, but there are amazing benefits of olive leaf! Let's get to know her next.
The benefits of olive leaf are many and varied, and it can be obtained by eating nutritional supplements that contain olive leaf extract or by drinking boiled leaves. Here is the full guide regarding the benefits and precautions:
What is the extract of olive leaf?
The olive leaf extract was used for therapeutic purposes thousands of years ago! It is rich in a group of distinctive chemical compounds, which can be obtained by taking special supplements or by extracting them at home.
You can also take advantage of olive leaves by using the leaves directly to make tea by boiling the leaves in hot water, but this method will not give you all the benefits that you will get if you consume the leaf extract.
Benefits of olive leaf
Here are the most important scientifically known benefits of olive leaf extract:
1- Reducing blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels
The olive leaf extract helps lower blood pressure if used regularly, and contains substances that protect the walls of blood vessels from any defect.
Some of the substances found in the olive leaf extract prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol in the body, and thus they help to prevent the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels.
The olive leaf extract also generally helps reduce the chances of developing various diseases of the circulatory system, such as thrombosis and coronary artery disease.
2- Regulating blood sugar levels
Several studies have found that one of the benefits of olive leaf is its ability to stimulate and increase insulin production, which leads to the regulation of blood sugar levels.
So it can be used as an olive leaf extract to control diabetes glycemic or even to prevent diabetes.
3- Fighting cancer
Olive leaf extract has many anti-oxidant properties, which is linked to a lot of research with fighting various cancers, and the anti-oxidants present in olive leaf have the ability to slow down the growth of cancerous tumors.
4- Improving brain function
An important benefit of olive leaf is that its extract has the ability to fight various neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
Sometimes olive leaf extract supplementation may be prescribed to recover after a stroke (or other brain damage) and reduce the chances of it occurring again with patients.
5- Improve digestion
Several studies have found that olive leaf extract has the ability to improve digestion in general, and to relieve bloating symptoms, gas and constipation.
The reason for this is because the olive leaf extract helps rebalance the intestinal bacteria, which has a positive effect on digestion and significantly.
6- Pain relief
One of the benefits of olive leaf is that it has properties that help it relieve pain by suppressing nerve messages that the patient feels pain, especially when suffering from external painful wounds.
The olive leaf extract is sometimes used to relieve joint pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and pain experienced by a muscle inflammation.
7- Improving the appearance of the skin
Olive leaf has the ability to reverse the effect of years and years of damage to the skin and reduce the signs of aging, as the olive leaf is enriched with antioxidants.
8- Improving the frequency of metabolism
Olive leaf extract has distinct fat burning properties, due to its ability to stimulate the production of adrenaline and other hormones, which increases the speed of metabolism and increases fat burning in the body.
9- Enhancing the health of the immune system
Because of the antioxidant properties of olive leaves, consuming the olive leaf extract regularly helps reduce harmful oxidative processes in the body, which reduces the pressure on the immune system to defend and protect the body.
10- Treatment of herpes
Olive leaf extract is a common recipe for naturally treating the herpes virus, as the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of olive leaf help prevent the virus from spreading to neighboring cells and relieve the symptoms of the disease immediately.
Precautions and dangers of olive leaf
Although the benefits of olive leaf are many and varied, this does not preclude the presence of side effects that warrant caution. We separate them for you as follows:
1- Toxic inflammation
After the important substances in the olive leaf extract eliminate inflammation, these toxins may be released that stimulate the body to cause a reaction to protect itself. This reaction is represented by such things as: joint pain, muscle inflammation, sweating, fever, headache.
2- stomach problems
The olive leaf extract may cause diarrhea if ingested on an empty stomach. Also, in some cases, a person may have a heartburn when consuming olive leaf tea (which is one of the side effects that are not caused by olive leaf supplements).
3- Dizziness and lightheadedness
Sometimes someone taking tea leaf supplements may get dizzy and lightheaded, especially if they have low blood pressure.
4- Interacting with some medications
One of the effects of olive leaf extract is that it may increase blood sugar and blood pressure levels, so its consumption by diabetics or hypertensive patients may interact poorly with medications or reduce or increase their effectiveness.

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