Sources of lemon salt

Lemon Salt: Its Benefits and Uses
It is the citric acid found in lemon salt. It is an organic acid, a natural ingredient for many natural fruits and juices. And its names include citric acid, citric acid, or citric acid. And in English: Citric Acid
Sources of lemon salt
Citric acid is naturally available in citrus fruits such as:
The researchers were also able to extract it from the Black Mold, which produces citric acid when it is fed with sugar.
Lemon salt uses
Citric acid is used in preparing food.
It is added in food supplements. Pharmaceutical supplements use an estimated 20% of synthetic citric acid.
Cleaning products. Which uses 10% of synthetic citric acid.
It is used as a preservative in soft drinks, sweets and food products. Food and beverages use an estimated 70% of synthetic citric acid.
It is used as an antiseptic against bacteria and viruses.
It is used as a preservative in the pharmaceutical industry.
It is used as a by-product in the manufacture of cheese and yeast bread.
However, what is added in these manufactured products differs from that of naturally occurring salt in citrus fruits.
Benefits of lemon salt
There are some health benefits that citric acid has, including:
Eliminate harmful bacteria
The citric acid in lemon salt helps eliminate harmful bacteria and skin infections. Which can be common in elderly people, smokers, and diabetics. It can also be used to prevent gout, if mixed with sodium citrate and potassium citrate to reduce acid levels in the urine.
Lemon salt and antioxidants
The antioxidants derived from citric acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) preserve food and keep it usable for a longer period of time. For example, if you spray lemon juice over apples or bananas. It will help prevent them from browning. Also, eating lots of antioxidants helps maintain heart health and prevent cancer.
Reducing acidity in the body
Dr. Maria Villa, of the Chambers Center in New Jersey, who specializes in integrative medicine, has explained. That citric acid. It is an alkaline agent that restores the acidic environment, which is often caused by many processed foods and stress. This enables your body to operate more efficiently.
Prevention of kidney stones
Because citric acid is an alkaline factor. It may also help prevent certain types of kidney stones. As it prevents its formation, it breaks down the small stones, which may have started to form in the kidneys. The higher the percentage of citric acid in the urine, the greater the chances of protecting you from forming kidney stones.
Brain and liver protection
One study, which was conducted in laboratory rats, found that the use of citric acid had helped reduce brain fat peroxide, infections, cirrhosis, and DNA fragmentation.
Lemon salt and healthy skin
As the citric acid helps to lighten the skin and restore its freshness. It also treats acne, helps lighten pores, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
Harm of lemon salt
Too much lemon salt intake may lead to some health damages. Some side effects of citric acid may include:
Feeling of tingling or tingling
Muscle contraction
Mood changed
A change in heart rate
Severe stomach pain and diarrhea
Nausea and vomiting

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