Track Corona Virus with a heartbeat

Track Corona Virus with a heartbeat
Scientists believe that changes in heart rate, activity, and sleep patterns may be very influencing factors in new Coronavirus cases. This is why scientists from King University in London are now experimenting with a free application called "Mass Science" to track vital signals for thousands of people through the "Fitbit" watch
According to scientists, the virus may take several days for symptoms to appear on its carrier, but a growing body of evidence indicates that wearable devices may be able to detect signs of invisible infection early, and a new application that can be loaded onto the Fitbit smart watch may be able to Do the job.
According to study leader Dr. Amos Vollarin, looking at changes in heartbeat, activity, and other physical factors through the application can be useful in identifying people with coronavirus infection before symptoms appear and isolating them from others, thus limiting the spread of the virus on a large scale.
Some early research shows that resting heart rate data and other key health indicators, provided by wearable devices such as a smart watch, have the ability to identify people with the Corona virus before symptoms appear.
Doctors have known for years that a high heart rate during rest can be a sign that the body's immune system is increasing in response to a disease even in the absence of clear symptoms, but scientists have not yet been able to create an effective alarm system within a wearable watch.
A study by Stanford University in California analyzed data on 31 users of Fitbit watches who caught the Coronavirus. Scientists have found visible changes in 80% of cases in the heart rate, which indicates that the virus can be detected before it gets worse in the body, according to the British Daily Mail.

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