What are the benefits of eating garlic with yogurt?

What are the benefits of eating garlic with yogurt?
The yogurt mixture with garlic is a healthy and delicious blend, learn about its most important benefits.
People recently started adopting natural home recipes to strengthen immunity. Home-made food and mixtures are inexpensive and safe to use as side effects have almost no effect. The most popular recipes used at home are yogurt and garlic mixes.
Garlic with yogurt
Garlic can be eaten with yogurt, lemon, honey, wild thyme and olive oil to give a delicious blend that can be used as a type of appetizer, and for dipping or as a healthy snack. The benefit of garlic with yogurt is for the following reasons:
Benefits of garlic
Garlic has many nutritional health benefits, the most important of which are:
Garlic contains many nutrients and medicinal substances
Garlic has been used in many ancient civilizations to treat various diseases such as: Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Romania and China.
Scientists have proven that most of the health benefits of garlic are due to the presence of sulfur compounds. These substances are formed when cutting or grinding garlic. Sulfur enters garlic when consumed by the digestive system and reaches different areas of the human body, so these substances work to provide the body with many different benefits.
Garlic contains many nutrients and very few calories: One knot of garlic contains 4.5 grams of calories, and also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese and many other elements in varying proportions.
Garlic fights various diseases such as the common cold and cold
Garlic or garlic-containing food supplements work to strengthen the human immune system.
Some studies have shown that consuming garlic for 12 weeks has contributed to reducing the number of times a person has colds and colds, and has had an effective effect in reducing the severity of symptoms of the disease as well.
It helps reduce blood pressure
Some human studies have shown that garlic plays a major role in lowering blood pressure in people with cardiovascular disease.
Garlic supplements can be taken with a doctor's advice to take the appropriate dose, which is usually equivalent to four decades of garlic per day.
Garlic contains antioxidants
Antioxidants help prevent Alzheimer's disease: Garlic fights early dementia and Alzheimer's that is produced through oxidative processes in the human body, so that garlic acts as an antioxidant.
High cholesterol and high blood pressure, the main leading causes of Alzheimer's disease that increase with age.
Garlic helps get rid of toxic substances
In a study of a lead exposure agent in batteries for a long time, the results showed that garlic had contributed to reducing the toxic lead content in the blood.
 Reducing cholesterol in the blood
Garlic plays a major role in lowering cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL).
 A tip of interest: Garlic is very easy to use in different foods, as several recipes can be prepared with garlic to give a distinct and delicious flavor. Garlic can be consumed in many forms, either fresh, ground, or as capsules containing garlic or garlic oil.
It is advised to consult a doctor if garlic is consumed in large quantities with drugs that increase blood fluidity or in cases of severe bleeding.
The benefits of yogurt
Yogurt has many benefits, the most important of which are:
Source of animal protein: Yogurt milk is a source of animal protein, and also contains many nutrients found in most milk derivatives such as calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, potassium and magnesium.
Contains beneficial bacteria: Beneficial bacteria are human friendly bacteria that live in the digestive system continuously. Beneficial bacteria have several strains, some of which are found in yogurt.
Digestive Health: Yogurt helps improve many pathological symptoms related to the digestive system such as: lactose sensitivity, constipation, diarrhea, colon cancer and H. pylori infection.
Strengthening the immune system: Some studies have shown that the recovery time for various diseases becomes shorter when consuming yogurt during the illness.
Vaginal infections: Eating yogurt as some studies have proven to reduce the growth of Candia albicans in the vagina of a woman.
Preventing arthritis: yogurt contains calcium and vitamin D, which helps to prevent and treat arthritis.
Reducing the risk of high blood pressure: Some studies have shown that consuming milk products such as milk and natural milk have a major role in reducing blood pressure.
Helps to feel full: One serving of yogurt contains 200 calories, which helps a person feel full, and works to reduce the human consumption of fat and high-calorie food in the next meals.
 A tip that interests you: Some companies add sugar to some yogurt products. It is preferable to check the sugar percentage before purchasing any product. Some companies, like Al Ghurair, add extra vitamin D to yogurt, which enhances its benefits.
Yogurt milk is recommended for consumption during working or study times as a healthy and delicious snack, and it can also be used in many nutritional recipes.

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