What shouldn't be in your bedroom?

What shouldn't be in your bedroom?
In order to ensure you get maximum rest at bedtime, you should avoid putting some things inside your bedroom, because they cause you tension and anxiety and hinder getting relaxation
The bedroom is dedicated to resting and relaxing after a hard day's work, so this room should have special specifications that help relieve stress and anxiety and facilitate comfort during sleep.
1- The mobile phone
Smartphones and tablets have become a staple that no one, adult or young, should give up on, but they should not accompany you in the bedroom either, as they are a nuisance and do not help you sleep.
Also, the presence of mobile phones near you poses a health risk, because of the radio frequencies issued by them, which can increase the possibility of many different health problems.
The light that comes out of the phone also affects sleep, and leads to insomnia and anxiety, and this is why it is not recommended to be in the bedroom.
The best thing is to allocate the room to sleep only, and leave the smartphone outside the room at night.
2- Food
Usually eating in bed is accompanied by exercising another activity such as watching TV, which distracts you and makes you eat more food without knowing, and this causes weight gain as well as indigestion.
The presence of a small refrigerator in the bedroom helps to eat many sweets between meals, which causes damage to the teeth and health.
So the bedroom is not the ideal place to eat, especially as food can spill onto the mattress cover.
And if you want to eat your food in the room, do not keep dirty dishes in it, as it can attract pests.
3- Pets
If you have a pet at home, whether it is a pussycat or a puppy, you should keep it outside the bedroom, because these animals spread germs where you are, as the fur of them transmits many diseases to the human body in the case of direct contact with them.
And do not think that taking care of the pet's hygiene protects you from allergic diseases and contamination of the body, because there are bacteria that hide inside them and cannot be easily eliminated.
Also, the pet can cause anxiety many times during sleep due to its movements, especially for people who have difficulty falling asleep quickly.
4- Dirty clothes
Sometimes you go back to work exhausting and want to go to bed as quickly as possible, and you have to take off your dirty clothes and socks and keep them in the bedroom.
This also applies to bed linen, so it must be changed after being used some days and replaced with clean ones.
This is harmful to your health because dirty clothes, socks and blankets carry bacteria and germs that can be transferred to clean clothes and also to bed covers.
The chaotic appearance also causes tension and anxiety, especially if clothes accumulate randomly in the room.
This is why you should always keep your room clean and tidy, free from any sources of pollution and bacteria.
5- Comfortable mattresses and pillows
Another thing that may cause her medical problems if he stays for a long time in your bedroom, which is the old and uncomfortable mattresses and pillows, as they should be replaced immediately if you suffer from pain in the neck, back and bones while sleeping on them.
It is preferable to buy a medical mattress to help you sleep without worry and not cause the spine pain, as well as the pillows that put your head on it.
Often the specified period for using the mattress is 10 years at most, and it varies according to the manufacturer, and it should not exceed this period.
6- Stored items
If you have some old things that you want to keep, do not make your bedroom the place to store them, because they will cause an unpleasant appearance and mess in the room.
This mess leads to an increase in negative energy in the place, which is not appropriate for the atmosphere of the bedroom, which should help calm the nerves and relax.
It is preferable to allocate another room to keep the old things, and if you do not have a suitable place other than the bedroom, then you should put these things in containers that look beautiful and comfortable to the eye.
7- Business requirements
There are some jobs that need to be completed at home, but the bedrooms should not be transferred to another office where you can complete the work, as this will expose you to more stress.
As the body must have the rest to restore its activity and energy to continue the work, and the presence of work requirements in the bedroom will hinder the acquisition of rest and sleep naturally.
And if the work requires completion at home, then allocate another place away from the bedroom, and allocate specific hours for this work to get the comfort that your body needs.

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